Hi, I’m Daniel and I am the founder of 4Phase. Our mission is to deliver the most individualised experience possible within a group class environment. We are not a ‘general fitness gym’ – we pride ourselves on what we do and that is; build stronger, leaner & toned healthy bodies without sacrificing anything except your time spent in the gym – which you’ll be addicted to. Can’t wait to meet you!

our ethos

We value health and longevity over aesthetics and ego.

This is a space for everyone to be included, feel welcome, to express yourself freely and above all…treated equally.

We intend to inspire and remind EVERYONE to strive relentlessly to be better individuals.

Better physically, mentally and emotionally than they were the day before.

Work hard, stay humble, and have fun.

the team



owner/head trainer

Whilst working in the fitness industry for the last 8 years I have trained in, owned and managed various gyms and my own personal training business. Identifying the flaws and barriers they all had which were mainly cost, time and variety. 4Phase is my innovative way to deliver a personal training service in a group training environment for an affordable price. I have a more structured approach than a generic HIIT workout and an ethos to build long lasting results backed by a strong community. Prior to this I served in the ADF as a clearance diver working within the special forces for 6 years. Training techniques that I have learnt and the mindset and health I have developed have shaped me and our business to what it is today.


owner / recovery coach






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